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The Boo

Tipup Canopy 3

3/9/05 Getting down to the little stuff I haven't even bothered with.  This is my second reinforcement kit.  I messed up the first one by not paying attention to the way the bends should occur in the plates.  It makes a difference in how they lay in the underside of the canopy frame.  I got it right this time.  Sliced a few 1/4" deep slits in some wood (use hardwood!) and bend them all in about 15 minutes.

3/10/05 I took the canopy off the canopy frame in order to get the stiffeners on.  Made the little clasps and drilled and countersunk the center portion.  I used the pop rivet dimpler for the skins.

3/11/05 Finishing up on the stiffeners.  The outermost portion of the stiffeners need to be trimmed.  It's a crummy pictures but you can see the little blue line on the stiffener where it has to be cut to conform to the bend in the canopy frame. 

Clecoed up and ready for final assembly.

3/12/05 Done.

Ed came by and put in an hour or so of his time so I made use of it by getting the canopy on so I could do the final trim of the front so it will open without binding.  I marked the spots where it's too close and used an edge deburring tool to slowly peel away aluminum.  Opens fine now.  Sure is an ugly gap.  You would think that there might be a better geometry to the hinge so you wouldn't have this gap...


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