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The Boo

Fine Living Network

6/26/04 The Fine Living Network show "Life in the Fast Lane with Steve Nat" came by today to film my project for a TV show they will air sometime in the near future.  Very interesting day.  I won't say too much about it right now but here are some candid shots Barry took of them filming me and the project.  And if you will notice, both Barry and David are in the shots.  Sorry Barry, now the CIA and FBI know where you are... The gig is up.

8/22/04 The second and final part of the Fine Living - Life in the fast lane was filmed today.  The jist of the second part is that I meet a local builder who is flying a RV7 so that I can get my first ever ride in an RV.  Honestly, up until today I've only sat in one!  So I told the producers about Dan C.  They contacted him and we finally got a date set to get this production underway.

Weather at Chino was miserable so Dan got to Van Nuys a bit after the producers expected.  Dan showed up with his awesome stallion with Dave "Hog" and his absolutely gorgeous RV8.  The weather was a go and so were Dan, Dave and James "Seamus" driving his Christen Eagle.  We left as a flight of three with both RV's powered Waaaaayyyyy back to keep James on schedule.  We got to the designated area and did a couple of rolls and James was rolling his eagle around us as well.  Very cool day.  Fantastic day.  And one of the best parts was that Dave had an extra seat so my pops could get his first ever RV ride as well.  David Richardson flew in the Eagle with James and did the photography.  He looked kind of green afterwards.  It's tough to hold a big camera doing +3,-2 g's.  I flew lead with Dan and it was a very memorable experience.  Thanks Dan.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time saying what happened here.  You'll have to wait for the show and the video clips which are forthcoming.  But let me just say one thing.  An RV is something very special.  I'm still grinning.  I cannot wait to fly mine. 


After months of waiting the show finally aired and I was able to snag a copy off my ReplayTV.  You'll see some grey sidebars on the video because I was watching on my HD TV.  All of the show that was not related to the building and flying were cut from the movies.  Two videos are available High bandwidth and Low bandwidth.  If you have problems streaming the videos try right clicking and Save-As.

High Bandwidth - approximately 20 MB

Low Bandwidth - approximately 3 MB (low quality but if you're on dialup, oh well)


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